Ekone Smoked Mussels

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Taylor Shellfish Farms offer canned smoked mussels. We are excited to add Totten Inlet, WA mussels to our Ekone line of products! Shop Canned Mussels now.

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Our commitment to quality begins with the careful handling of these delicate mussels from our very own Taylor Shellfish mussel farm in Totten Inlet located in the South Puget Sound.

These premium mussels embark on a culinary journey that sets them apart from fellow farms in our smoke house. Lightly brined to enhance their natural flavors, they are then steeped in a gentle cold smoking process. This method, honed over generations, imparts a delicate smokiness that marries beautifully with the inherent umami flavor of the mussel.

Mussels, Salt, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Sugar, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Onion Powder, *Citric Acid, Natural Smoke 

*Citric Acid used as a flavor enhancement only.


!WARNING!-Prop 65

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48 Reviews Write a Review

  • 2

    Tony   |   May 20th 2024

    Smoked Mussels

    Ah, not so good. Had a grainy, granular, chalky texture and not much flavor.

  • 1

    Valerie Goodnow   |   Apr 11th 2024

    ekone smoked mussels

    The smoked mussels were extremely salty and very grainy in texture and falling apart, as if they were over-processed. I threw most of it away. Extremely disappointed with the product, especially considering the price.

  • 5

    Jonathan Berndt   |   Mar 7th 2024

    Absolutely delicious

    Other than fresh steamed these are great

  • 5

    Sheila Milner   |   Jul 25th 2023

    Smoked Muscles

    Best smoked muscles I have found. They are very pricey but delicious. They go great on a small cracker with cheese & topped with a muscle.

  • 5

    Sam Hicks   |   May 24th 2023

    Smoked Mussels

    Plump well smoked mussels that are so good you want to open a second tin immediately. Try them and you'll be wishing you had ordered more.

  • 2

    Bruce   |   Mar 31st 2022


    I have to agree with CD Duncan. The first time I had these, they were very good. I just opened my new can and they were smaller, mushy, and a number of them still had the beards attached. Not very appetizing. Don't think I'll be ordering these again.

  • 5

    Steve Kuntz   |   Mar 11th 2022

    Smoked mussels

    The flavor and taste is awesome. Moist and the size is perfect. Great on any Cracker love this product

  • 5

    DB   |   Mar 2nd 2022

    Ekone Smoked Mussels

    Wonderful large smoked mussels with a great taste.

  • 1

    CD Duncan   |   Feb 5th 2022

    Smoked Mussels

    The first time I order the Smoked Mussels I only ordered 2 cans. The were so good the next time I ordered 6 cans of mussels and 6 each of the Smoked and Habanero Oysters. I have to say this order had been a major disappointment. So far I have opened 4 out of the 6 cans of the Mussels and they have been terrible. Each can had few firm complete mussels. The cans were mostly like a mush or a paste like consistency containing only a few complete mussels. Everything else was either pieces, mush or stringy pieces that mostly resemble squid legs. One can was so bad I just dumped it down the sink. Pretty disappointing for such an expensive product. I still love the Smoked Oysters but doubt I’ll order the mussels again